Senin, 16 November 2009

947 CPNS Gagal Sebelum Bertanding

SURABAYA, KOMPAS. com - At least 947 prospective applicants of civil servants (CPNS) in the environment Provincial Government (Provincial Government) of East Java declared not pass administrative requirements. "From 6745 the applicant's documents are signed, recorded at least 947 applicants did not pass the file administration," said Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of East Java provincial government, Gunarto, Monday (16/11).

He explained that applicants who file 947 does not pass the administration's selection, including a course applicants do not suit their needs and age of applicants exceeds the limit provisions.

While as many as 5798 applicants who passed the administration is to position health as many as 740 people, technical workers (4923), and the athletes or sports trainers excel (135).

CPNS Test will be held on November 21, at four different places, namely Gelora Pancasila by 1950 the number of participants, campus UNTAG Surabaya (657), campus ITATS (3000), and the campus Unesa Ketintang (191). While the material will be tested, including basic competency test consisting of general knowledge tests, scholastic aptitude tests, and the maturity scale. "On examination divided into two so that the participants who sat next to each other can not ask each other," he said.

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