Senin, 16 November 2009

Kapan Kondisi Puncak Hormon Seks?

Sex drive in men and women affected by several factors, one of which is a hormone. Sex hormones are only released at certain times.

The hormone testosterone that inspires the passion he usually went out after a long rest phase. In contrast, female hormone estrogen is produced in line with increased activity. According to Dr. Ferryal Loetan, ASC & T, Sp RM, MKes-MMR, from the clinic WIN, Kelapa Gading, here's biological clock man and woman making love.

05.00-08.00 o'clock in the morning
Male testosterone levels are high due to high-enough rest. Spirit to "fight" was so hot. That is why, the best conditions for men to sexual intercourse is early days. Even if the wife had on, it was no big deal. With no foreplay is peerless, the wife must be ready berintim-intimate.

In the 08.00-12.00 o'clock
Hormone testosterone decreases as men work activities are higher during the day. Instead, it was the passion of women in the peak period. Hormone endorphins (pleasure hormones) are high-high because of the hours these women began to move.

If not possible for him to make love after the move in daytime or late afternoon, just send romantic messages that it implies an invitation to make love. His heart would have flowered.

Noon until late afternoon
After a break on the move and get the energy supply from the menu lunch, the mood he rose again. Coincided with that energy reserves are also still a big woman. Sex after lunch would be a fun diversion for the husband and wife.

14.00-17.00 o'clock
Return to work after lunch usually makes a man tired and forget about his desire to make love. In contrast, at this period, women are experiencing exactly the highest point of the production of estrogen. Work okay, let's make love too!

When the kids are asleep, this is the most possible time to make love. After a relaxing few hours, male testosterone levels rose again. Indeed, the production of the hormone estrogen tends to decrease during rest, but at night, usually the wife is more romantic. So, the husband is expected to launch a more active sex invitation signals.
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