Selasa, 10 November 2009

Lulusan tahun 2009, Melamar CPNS

Graduates in 2009, Enroll CPNS
After graduating from the academic was even more difficult than working on the thesis, including the requirements of the graduation itself. I have a choice of all choices that will direct my future, why I was hesitant to choose, but time will determine the choice itself because all the choices that inevitably I had to choose one of the options themselves. Do I have to be a life-line employees will be determined the company, or do I have to be an entrepreneur, who can determine the line of my own life would risk my own responsibility, but for now the capital was not there. Do I have to surrender to the situation and then come home and continue the efforts of parents at home were also included from several choices. Or apply to be candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS) but ak ngamarnya where in Yogyakarta or in Kendal which each option is a consequence of each. "Hope this story will be better, I lay here staring at the sky, show a strong star hopes soar into the existing restless, show yourself, make a selection" (Rocket Roker). An expectation of a young scholar.

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