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Gunung Sumbing Jawa Tengah

Sumbing, Central Java
Sumbing in Central Java province is precisely in Wonosobo and Magelang regency. High-mountain cleft has FBC 3371 M (Meters Of Height Sea). On this occasion I would like to share experiences with friends about Sumbing information that I got from interviews with residents about a mountain cleft, especially in the rural route Garung Wonosobo regency, Central Java, Indonesia. From Basecamp to the top of the mountain cleft can be taken for 9 to 10 hours (beginners) and on the way there are 2 headings are Heading I (Kedung) and Post II (Gatakan).
1. Sumbing History
Cleft name was taken because of the mountain is shaped like a cleft lip cleft person (not flat). Menpunyai cleft mountain climbing lane 4, namely:
• Garung (Wonosobo)
• Kali Angkring (Magelang)
• Cepit (Magelang)
• Mudal (Kali Elephant)
Myth of all inhabitants of the mountain slopes either cleft the visible and the Islamic religion does not seem possible because many have found the tomb of Islam's name around the mountain cleft, one of the Kyai Makutuan at the top of a mountain cleft, dining set that is orderly No.15 climbers have to say greeting and a sign that greeted us to answer the smoke coming out of the crater that had been slightly more numerous and every night of Ramadan population of about 21 mountain cleft perform the ritual at the top of the mountain cleft in which the ritual is called blackjack.
2. Tourism Object
Cleft mountains around there are no attractions that can attract tourists, there can only be of interest to the Lovers of Nature and the people who have a spirit of adventure, especially hiking, but is actually part of the Government (Local Government) is to open a resort there and the the population itself had been approved but which must be built and well cared for and also the surrounding nature preserve. However, until now there has been no more action from the Government.

3. Regulation and Pantangan for climbers of Mount
a. Climber Standing Orders Sumbing
• Each climber must report
• Paying fees
• Review the equipment
• Maintain the natural preservation
• Bring back your trash
• Turn off the fire again you make
• Do not walk in the fields of farmers
• No damage and took the plant
• No wearing or carrying alcoholic beverages (up to summit Mount Basecamp)
• No put the bag outside the tent
• No leaving the bag diperjalanan
• No set up tents in the fields of farmers
• Chairman of the management team responsible
• In the event of an accident immediately report to the tin SAR STICKPALA
• Pray before you go and say hello at the top
• Must hold a code of ethics Indonesia Nature Lovers
• What else could be asked

b. Taboos-taboos in Sumbing
• Banned lying and arrogant
• No complaining street
• No date and bawdy
• No bowel movement or small disembarang place

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