Selasa, 10 November 2009

Padang Gelar Pemulihan Pasca Gempa

Padang - The government city of Padang, West Sumatra, start doing reconstruction activities of the soul or pascagempa recovery that shook the area on Wednesday (30 / 9) ago. Padang Mayor Fauzi Bahar said the recovery will be done with frequent.

"Now more than a month count is overwritten Padang disaster, it's time reconstruction activities ranging from building houses offices and recovery activities at residents of trauma and particularly children," said Fauzi Bahar, Monday (02/11).

According to Fauzi, pascagempa recovery needs to be done as soon as possible in order to Padang could rise again despite many residents' houses collapsed, so parents much grief over the death of his son, as well as other family members.

Sadness does not need a protracted, he said, because the disaster is a test from God to His servants to endure it. Not escape as well as for people who are not stricken by a mirror to enhance worship.

"For other people from different areas of land it becomes to expect ridho worship God, while helping to accelerate recovery efforts trauma victims," he said of all convey gratitude for the help accelerate recovery by distributing aid, especially coming from the community and Minangkabau Surabaya in Surabaya .

On that occasion, received assistance Pemko Padang Rp 1.64 billion came from all students in primary, junior and senior high school in Surabaya. Assistance for it also comes from the teachers and staff environmental education office of Surabaya.

Help from students Surabaya will be used to build the school.

While the Minang community in Surabaya also help USD 500 million and will be used to build a mosque were damaged. Surabaya City Government earlier also provide Rp500 million humanitarian aid delivered to the Command Post Padang earthquake a few days after the earthquake.

Post-earthquake-related trauma, Fauzi recovered quickly assess people and rose again marked by about 80 percent of economic activity in the city's residents had returned.

"The trade had begun to trade, that the sea had begun to catch fish, as well as with office activities except some modern shopping centers, like the Sun Depatermen Store, Plaza Andalas, Rocky Plaza Hotel and the other because there is no activity takes a long time to repair their buildings damaged, "he said.

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