Senin, 09 November 2009

Penerimaan PNS Dinilai Curang,Warga Datangi Kantor Bupati

MADIUN - MI: Dozens of residents joined the Poor People's Natural States Indonesia (SRMI) came to Regent Office Madiun, East Java, Monday (9 / 11).

They demonstrate that there was cheating in assessing civil service revenues (PNS) in 2009 in the district.

SRMI Chairman of East Java (East Java) Joko Tri Kuncoro said indications of fraud in revenue in 2009 civil servants in Madiun District visible from the reception system SRMI Based on the data, there are at least 41 reports of alleged fraud occurred PNS revenue this year.

"We demand that the regents to eradicate mafia-mafia prospective civil servants (CPNS) who allegedly haunts. Mafia-Mafia CPNS be eradicated, because they've started to visit the victim to sell their property," said Tri.

He said today the agency has been pocketing the evidence in the process of recruiting violations in Madiun District civil servants who are still using the money to get candidates.

"We fear only those closest to local leaders and rich people who could be a civil servant in Madiun District neighborhood. We think the practice is widespread brokering occur if civil servants receiving season," he said after berorasi.

Not only that, SRMI also found that the person trying to seduce prospective civil servants who want to be accepted in order of selection are willing to pay up to hundreds of million rupiah. Elements are the initials MG.

Some recognition of the reporter, go Tri, MG admitted representatives from leading universities in this country as well as third parties who towed the Government District (regency) in Madison provide the questions and answers proofreaders team.

"We already have strong evidence of the violation of our acceptance of CPNS and ask the government to mengusutnya. Including person with the initials MG which is also claimed by the Secretary of Madiun District," he explained.

In their action also spread leaflets to road users to always be wary CPNS mafia. In the leaflet also mentions an indication of fraud. Proved so far that IT organizations coupled Pemkab Madiun that does not exist.

Allegations of fraud related to the acceptance of Regency government civil servants visible Reskrim Madison Madison Police Commissioner Zaini admitted Ajun not received any reports of issues related to bribery SRMI thrown.

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