Senin, 09 November 2009

Pusat pengumuman CPNS Indonesia

Pengumuman CPNS Pusat Indonesia (PPCI) an online presence for the people of Indonesia who need information and news about the actual job cpns and the announcement of the selection cpns Indonesia.

This presence may provide benefits to the people who had been luasa lack of information. Center website Pengumuman CPNS Indonesia (PPCI) is not belonging to one department, agency or foundation owned by the Indonesian government. This online website is the result of cooperation from various parties. As for all the funding and maintenance of this website is purely derived from the promotion and advertising costs that we include PCP on this website page.

All information on this website open to the public, free welcome for visitors to copy or pastekan some kesuluruhan contents of this website without having to ask permission again to the admin PPCI. We just hope when visitors appreciate the provision of information and news about our cpns do this to make a link to this website.


PPCI Admin

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