Senin, 09 November 2009

Berkas CPNS Mulai Diseleksi

Announced Tomorrow
MANADO-Up to the last day candidates file income Civil Servants (CPNS) at the Office of the Regional Employment Board and Training (BKDD), recorded a cover letter 4487. These files were selected committee began receiving CPNS 2009. Technical personnel continue to dominate. A total of 3265 files in, then as many as 827 teachers and 395 health personnel file. "The latest data, so much that we received. Upon receipt of all, the committee began selecting," said Secretary of Admission Committee CPNS Joppy Suwuh Drs.
File selection results, will soon be announced. Appropriate stage, the announcement held 10 November 2009. "If you take its stages, was to be announced Tuesday," he said. But the head of this Manado BKDD been reluctant to disclose how many files that pass the selection. "Later on when it all, just reported," he said as he warned, the applicants who pass the file selection is pure, no assistance from others such as brokers.

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