Rabu, 11 November 2009



Based on the needs of employees for fiscal year 2007, LAPAN has opened opportunities Candidates receiving Civil Service (CPNS) for the various formations based on educational qualifications, positions and special competence, as well as placement locations. Saturday (17/11), held at Sports House (GOR) Gymnastics Jl. Raden Inten Buaran, Klender, East Jakarta, a written test CPNS LAPAN selection has been held. This written test followed by the remaining 500 participants from various departments of education.
Previously, LAPAN has done for the candidate selection CPNS administration which took place on November 7-9 at the Central Office LAPAN, East Jakarta. This process is performed to select the proposal which has been entered since the application of recruitment announcement, dated October 22-November 5, either through the website site, mail, or direct application.
As for qualifications and a written examinees passed the administration as follows: D3 Chemical Analysis (10), D3 Information Management (25), S1 Administration Officer (1), S1 Astronomy (4), S1 Geophysics (3), S1 Geophysics and Meteorology / Climatology (21), S1 Geography (3), S1 Physical Geography (5), S1 Engineering Geography (3), S1 Geology (6), S1 Ekonomi Manajemen (25), S1 Economic Accounting (3), S1 Physics Science and Mathematics ( 39), S1 Engineering Physics (7), S1 International Relations (12), S1 Mass Communication (28), S1 Law (18), S1 International Law (8), S1 Civil Law (19), S1 Criminal Law (13) , S1 Chemistry Mathematics (42), S1 Computer Systems (6), S1 Teknik Informatika (52), S1 Computer Engineering (1), S1 Math (54), S1 Teknik Elektro (30), S1 Weak Flow of Electrical Engineering (31) , S1 Geodesy (5), S1 Teknik Instruments (2), S1 Mechanical Engineering (44), and S1 Aeronautical Engineering / Computer Graphics (11).
Written examination held LAPAN this time a success. Previously, participants were briefed direct examination of the committee on discipline and assurance test scripts that test is still intact and original. In the written exam this time, participants gain the questions classified in three materials, ie General Knowledge, Indonesian, and substance / Academic.
Implementation activities directly supervised by the Activities Committee, the General Bureau LAPAN and involve direct testimony of the officers of State Personnel Agency (BKN) and superintendents LAPAN Inspectorate. Before the ceremony began, the test supervisor to get a direct briefing the General Bureau Chief, Dra. Komala Mukri Mardjohan. Present, participate witnessed ongoing activities, LAPAN Home Secretary, Dr. Bambang Koesoemanto, M. Sc.
Outcome selection written examination will be announced again through the site and bulletin board http://www.lapan.go.id Headquarters LAPAN Jakarta. Furthermore, for participants who opted in, will be held to test the interview scheduled on November 26-28 LAPAN Headquarters. As for his plans psychotest scheduled on December 4. Thus selection process will still continue to take place until the announcement of the final stage for the candidates CPNS LAPAN fiscal year 2008.

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