Selasa, 24 November 2009

kecaman tentang pelarangan film 2012

Excited about the 2012 film just getting heated up. Especially after the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Malang, East Java, prohibiting the circulation of the film in their area because it is considered misleading. Rumors, MUI Jakarta and Central will impose the same thing. Action was taken hard by a musician Ahmad Dhani. If someone does not agree with the contents of the film's story, he said, please make a better movie.

"The film is not really about the end of the world," said Dhani like running programs SCTV Hot Shot, Friday (20/11). According to band frontman Dewa 19's, each person may make a movie about their own version of Resurrection.

Similar expressed Ustadz Jeffry Al Buchori who was already watching a Hollywood movie. "That's not the end. It was a disaster, proof they were safe. If the Hour is not a single survivor," said a familiar ustadz uje addressed it.

MUI Chairman Amidhan Center insists his side have not discussed about the film because there are no protests. "In Malang was discussed and forbidden, (because) the people of Malang is sensitive," said Amidhan. "The movie is fiction, do not be put into the hearts and minds."

Besutan Roland Emmerich film is indeed supported by sophisticated effects and destruction of the world mengggambarkan then interpreted as the end of the world. Iitu film inspired by Maya prophecy that predicted doom happened on December 21, 2012.

About this, again Dhani loud. According to predictions made hundreds of years ago by a nation that has not been clear knowledge and spritualitasnya level. "It's too bad that we as Muslims believe in the prophecy of the nation akidahnya we do not know," explained founder's Republik Cinta Management.

Among researchers, acknowledged later in 2012 there were solar storms. However, a phenomenon that lasted 11 years so it will not bring major disaster in the universe. Meanwhile, according to feng shui, the Chinese calendar 2012 is forecast precisely the golden years. So what response the other artists on that phenomenon?

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