Senin, 09 November 2009

DPRD-SU Buka Posko Pengaduan Kecurangan CPNS

MedanBisnis - Medan
Candidate recruitment process of civil servants (CPNS) in 2009 has begun with the opening of registration from 30 October. In the execution of any suspected fraud prone. For that, the DPRD North Sumatra opened post which dealt with complaints Commission A.
According to Chairman of Commission A, M Noah, his party is ready to accept any information related indications or fraud in the entire process of acceptance CPNS stage.
"If there are people who feel disadvantaged because of fraud or brokering, please report it, we will process them in accordance with the procedures and rules. Please come directly to the Commission A, "he said, Sunday (8 / 11).
However, he said, the institute is expecting an active role in society report is an indication of fraud. You see, Commission A consists only 17 people, and must work alone to supervise the recruitment process CPNS by district in North Sumatra, including in Pempropsu.
"We're not going to do the impossible we do. Because of our ability and energy are also limited. If you must monitor CPNS directly related to the implementation of this, it's impossible. Therefore, the role of all parties is needed. Because it's cheating its closed and invisible, so it's hard to be monitored, "he explained.
Nevertheless, politicians call this MCC, it will come down to a number of areas in collaboration with Pempropsu and stakeholders.
"Tomorrow (Monday), we'll go directly Sergai to review preparations CPNS acceptance in the area. It is expected that each district can perform acceptance CPNS with the best systems and transparent, "he said.
If later found the fraud, said M Noah, the Commission will ask for a State Civil Service Agency to delay the publication number of the parent employees (NIK) of CPNS is, until there is a clear result of the investigation.

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