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Gunung Sindoro, Jawa tengah

Mount Sindoro, Central Java
Mount Sindoro in Central Java province is precisely in Wonosobo and Magelang regency. Mountain High has Sindoro FBC 3153 M (Meters Of Height Sea). On this occasion I would like to share your experience with your friends all about the Mount Sindoro information I got from interviews with residents around Mount Sindoro especially in rural route Kledung Magelang regency, Central Java, Indonesia. From base camp to the top of the mountain can be taken during Sindoro 9 to 10 hours (beginners) and on the way there are 3 posts Heading I (a small mountain - 1600 m asl), Post II (2120 m above sea level), and Postal III (Pistoroto-2530 m asl). Before you reach the top of the mountain climbers will be spoiled by the beauty of flowers edelwaiss, edelwaiss flowers usually bloom in August-November.
1. Not many people know about the history of Sindoro mountain, the mountain Sindoro no special rituals are performed by a previous resident called Peace Summit at Mount Sindoro although there is the tomb of Kyai Santri Sindoro but in the mountain every year on 1 (one) Suro (Name in Java) , must have crowded visited by climbers who want to climb Mount Sindoro. In the mountains there Sindoro 4 (four) route, namely:
• Kledung (Parakan)
• Segedang (Wonosobo)
• Nyelumprit (Magelang)
• Bansar
Apart from 1 Suro, on 17 August (Independence Day of Indonesia) and the new year, the mountain is always crowded at sindaro visited by climbers from the son of immigrants from the region or even outside the city of mancanega climbers as well. On this route has Kledung SAR team named Grasindo PALA.

2. Tourism Object
Around Mount Sindoro no sights to attract tourists but the scenery is very beautiful there, so Mount Sindoro is often visited by climbers to climb.

3. Regulation and Pantangan for Sindoro Mountain Climber
• Each climber must report
• Review the equipment and completeness
• No put the bag outside the tent while sleeping
• No leaving the bag along the way
• Maintain environmental sustainability
• No damage to crops along the way
• No picking flowers edelwaiss
• Maintain cleanliness of the mountain
• Maintain good manners
• Beware of your new friends know
• Do not walk alone
• Do not be nasty
• Implement a code of ethics Indonesian Nature Lovers
• The things that can be asked is not clear in the post climbing

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