Rabu, 18 November 2009

Hati-hati, Tertipu Film "2012" Bajakan Palsu

For those of you who want to buy pirated VCDs 2012 film, have to be careful and thorough before you buy. Because, at this time many circulating pirated VCDs and DVDs Fake 2012. The contents of the story in pirated VCDs were different from the 2012 movie plot that was circulated simultaneously in a number of movie theaters.

As experienced Educate (26), he unknowingly bought pirated VCDs false 2012. As pirated VCD seller came, he was offered three versions of 2012, entitled Doomsday, Supernova, and the 2012 documentary.

"A week ago to buy pirated VCDs 2012. Merchant offers three kinds of films in 2012," he told Kompas.com, Wednesday (18/11).

After a glimpse of one by one, Didik was not interested in the 2012 version of the Supernova and documentaries. Finally decided to buy the 2012 version of Doomsday. "The supernova seems less attractive. The documentary was so, there was only a story," said Didik.

After the purchase, he was rushed to play the pirated VCD discs at home. He did not suspect that he watched in 2012 is different from that in the cinema. The reason is, when buying VCDs, he has not seen the 2012 footage shown at the cinema.

After seeing the movie version of the footage, did he realize different from 2012 Doomsday 2012 movie version.

Doomsday 2012 film version tells that in the year 2012 will be a big disaster and not just Mexico that is affected. President of the United States ordered all residents to evacuate. Then a man found a cross that can stop an earthquake. Long story short, the key is pivoted on an altar and the earthquake stopped.

Although different people watch the original version, Didik reluctant to watch a movie version of 2012. He would prefer to watch other movies. "Want to watch another movie," he said.

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