Selasa, 24 November 2009

kecaman tentang pelarangan film 2012

Excited about the 2012 film just getting heated up. Especially after the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Malang, East Java, prohibiting the circulation of the film in their area because it is considered misleading. Rumors, MUI Jakarta and Central will impose the same thing. Action was taken hard by a musician Ahmad Dhani. If someone does not agree with the contents of the film's story, he said, please make a better movie.

"The film is not really about the end of the world," said Dhani like running programs SCTV Hot Shot, Friday (20/11). According to band frontman Dewa 19's, each person may make a movie about their own version of Resurrection.

Similar expressed Ustadz Jeffry Al Buchori who was already watching a Hollywood movie. "That's not the end. It was a disaster, proof they were safe. If the Hour is not a single survivor," said a familiar ustadz uje addressed it.

MUI Chairman Amidhan Center insists his side have not discussed about the film because there are no protests. "In Malang was discussed and forbidden, (because) the people of Malang is sensitive," said Amidhan. "The movie is fiction, do not be put into the hearts and minds."

Besutan Roland Emmerich film is indeed supported by sophisticated effects and destruction of the world mengggambarkan then interpreted as the end of the world. Iitu film inspired by Maya prophecy that predicted doom happened on December 21, 2012.

About this, again Dhani loud. According to predictions made hundreds of years ago by a nation that has not been clear knowledge and spritualitasnya level. "It's too bad that we as Muslims believe in the prophecy of the nation akidahnya we do not know," explained founder's Republik Cinta Management.

Among researchers, acknowledged later in 2012 there were solar storms. However, a phenomenon that lasted 11 years so it will not bring major disaster in the universe. Meanwhile, according to feng shui, the Chinese calendar 2012 is forecast precisely the golden years. So what response the other artists on that phenomenon?

film 2012 dan pendapatnya

2012 film which tells about the Resurrection in the year 2012 has made many people fear that in the year could happen this doom and fear can become a phobia and discourage people's lives. much controversy about the film, most Islamic scholars believe that the Day of Resurrection, it does exist but kapannya only God knows.
Many opinions about this movie but the movie is kotrofersi a more and more people who want to watch out of curiosity. but it's up to you how you respond about the 2012 movie

Rabu, 18 November 2009

Hati-hati, Tertipu Film "2012" Bajakan Palsu

For those of you who want to buy pirated VCDs 2012 film, have to be careful and thorough before you buy. Because, at this time many circulating pirated VCDs and DVDs Fake 2012. The contents of the story in pirated VCDs were different from the 2012 movie plot that was circulated simultaneously in a number of movie theaters.

As experienced Educate (26), he unknowingly bought pirated VCDs false 2012. As pirated VCD seller came, he was offered three versions of 2012, entitled Doomsday, Supernova, and the 2012 documentary.

"A week ago to buy pirated VCDs 2012. Merchant offers three kinds of films in 2012," he told, Wednesday (18/11).

After a glimpse of one by one, Didik was not interested in the 2012 version of the Supernova and documentaries. Finally decided to buy the 2012 version of Doomsday. "The supernova seems less attractive. The documentary was so, there was only a story," said Didik.

After the purchase, he was rushed to play the pirated VCD discs at home. He did not suspect that he watched in 2012 is different from that in the cinema. The reason is, when buying VCDs, he has not seen the 2012 footage shown at the cinema.

After seeing the movie version of the footage, did he realize different from 2012 Doomsday 2012 movie version.

Doomsday 2012 film version tells that in the year 2012 will be a big disaster and not just Mexico that is affected. President of the United States ordered all residents to evacuate. Then a man found a cross that can stop an earthquake. Long story short, the key is pivoted on an altar and the earthquake stopped.

Although different people watch the original version, Didik reluctant to watch a movie version of 2012. He would prefer to watch other movies. "Want to watch another movie," he said.

Senin, 16 November 2009

Bola, Liverpool Bidik Eduardo

Liverpool coach Rafael Benitez intends to bring Arsenal striker, Eduardo, next January. "The Reds" has prepared fund about 10 million pounds or around Rp 157 billion.

This season is not friendly for Liverpool. Besides appearance flaring, Liverpool also have lost some players due to injury, namely Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard, Yossi Benayoun and Albert Riera. This situation is clearly hamper efforts "The Kop" to rise.

Added his team did not want destroyed, Benitez has hit the players that qualified. Some time ago, Benitez would reveal bringing Real Madrid midfielder, Rafael van der Vaart, and Tottenham Hotspur striker, Roman Pavlyuchenko. Today, Benitez added shopping list with targeted Arsenal striker, Eduardo.

At Arsenal, Eduardo is rarely performed as a starter. Apart from pascacedera, many talents, a brilliant young telenta Eduardo increasingly difficult to get the main place. This will make it easier to persuade Benitez to move to Eduardo Anfiled. Instinct capable of goals allowed to appear as a single attacker or accompanying Torres. (NOTW)

Kapan Kondisi Puncak Hormon Seks?

Sex drive in men and women affected by several factors, one of which is a hormone. Sex hormones are only released at certain times.

The hormone testosterone that inspires the passion he usually went out after a long rest phase. In contrast, female hormone estrogen is produced in line with increased activity. According to Dr. Ferryal Loetan, ASC & T, Sp RM, MKes-MMR, from the clinic WIN, Kelapa Gading, here's biological clock man and woman making love.

05.00-08.00 o'clock in the morning
Male testosterone levels are high due to high-enough rest. Spirit to "fight" was so hot. That is why, the best conditions for men to sexual intercourse is early days. Even if the wife had on, it was no big deal. With no foreplay is peerless, the wife must be ready berintim-intimate.

In the 08.00-12.00 o'clock
Hormone testosterone decreases as men work activities are higher during the day. Instead, it was the passion of women in the peak period. Hormone endorphins (pleasure hormones) are high-high because of the hours these women began to move.

If not possible for him to make love after the move in daytime or late afternoon, just send romantic messages that it implies an invitation to make love. His heart would have flowered.

Noon until late afternoon
After a break on the move and get the energy supply from the menu lunch, the mood he rose again. Coincided with that energy reserves are also still a big woman. Sex after lunch would be a fun diversion for the husband and wife.

14.00-17.00 o'clock
Return to work after lunch usually makes a man tired and forget about his desire to make love. In contrast, at this period, women are experiencing exactly the highest point of the production of estrogen. Work okay, let's make love too!

When the kids are asleep, this is the most possible time to make love. After a relaxing few hours, male testosterone levels rose again. Indeed, the production of the hormone estrogen tends to decrease during rest, but at night, usually the wife is more romantic. So, the husband is expected to launch a more active sex invitation signals.
Sumber :

947 CPNS Gagal Sebelum Bertanding

SURABAYA, KOMPAS. com - At least 947 prospective applicants of civil servants (CPNS) in the environment Provincial Government (Provincial Government) of East Java declared not pass administrative requirements. "From 6745 the applicant's documents are signed, recorded at least 947 applicants did not pass the file administration," said Head of Public Relations and Protocol Bureau of East Java provincial government, Gunarto, Monday (16/11).

He explained that applicants who file 947 does not pass the administration's selection, including a course applicants do not suit their needs and age of applicants exceeds the limit provisions.

While as many as 5798 applicants who passed the administration is to position health as many as 740 people, technical workers (4923), and the athletes or sports trainers excel (135).

CPNS Test will be held on November 21, at four different places, namely Gelora Pancasila by 1950 the number of participants, campus UNTAG Surabaya (657), campus ITATS (3000), and the campus Unesa Ketintang (191). While the material will be tested, including basic competency test consisting of general knowledge tests, scholastic aptitude tests, and the maturity scale. "On examination divided into two so that the participants who sat next to each other can not ask each other," he said.

Rabu, 11 November 2009

Perbaiki Kinerja PLN, Meneg BUMN Siapkan "Reward and Punishment"

JAKARTA, - PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN) had to work extra hard to improve the electric main guardhouse and Cawang Kembangan. State Enterprises Minister Mustafa Abubakar gave a deadline until December 1, 2009 to repair Kembangan Main relay, and the first week in December 2009 for the bus shelter Cawang. Deadline is faster than previous calculations which falls on the third week of December.

"I want to ensure the relay PLN Kembangan recovered on December 1. Thus on December 1, has no power cut in West Jakarta," said Mustafa, Thursday (12/12).

To improve the performance of PLN's director, Mustafa will impose rewards and punishment. Especially those associated with rotating blackouts in Jakarta. Mustafa promised to continue to monitor the performance of PLN directors.

He also promised to give a special bonus promotion to director of PLN to be able to complete the task on time. But if not, he had prepared a kind of sanction to the ranks of the PLN. Punishment in the form of delay or promotion or demotion. "Later we will continue to monitor their performance until the end of this year," added Mustafa.

Video Antasari (KPK) di potong

Thursday, November 12, 2009 | 13:35 pm

JAKARTA, - Powerful Antasari Azhar law judge, the police video that aired Wednesday (11/11), incomplete. In the video looks a former Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission said that the Commission was no longer needed.

"Video is not complete," said M Assegaf, Antasari defendant's attorney, during a murder trial interval Director of PT Putra Rajawali Banjaran Zulkarnaen Nasrudin in the South Jakarta District Court on Thursday.

The statement was Assegaf didasarkannya in several rounds of talks with Antasari team of lawyers. According to Assegaf, Antasari very often say, "the Commission dismissed if prosecutors and police have been able to eradicate corruption."

In a videotape showing the police, Wednesday, Antasari shown saying, "Sooner or later I may be the first I say, do not need the Commission. I would say that." Police did not provide information in the context of what was said Antasari.

"These (words, if prosecutors and police are capable of) that is not in the video. Maybe cut," said Assegaf.

What is said Antasari has grounding in the law. "According to the Act, the Commission's ad hoc nature, while a Commission was formed because people do not trust the police and prosecutors," said Assegaf.

What will happen after the Commission disbanded? "Yes, the investigators returned to his post. The police returned to the unity, Antasari back to prosecutors," said Assegaf.

Pengumuman CPNS

NO. KP.101/A-05/S.U/BMG-2006

Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG) is a Non-Departmental Government Institution in charge of carrying out governmental duties in the field of Meteorology, Climatology, Air Quality, and Geophysics in the financial year 2005 / 2006, provide an opportunity for the nation's best sons and daughters to become an employee of BMG by Candidate Reception Staff Civil (CPNS) Group III and II, the budget year 2005 / 2006.

A. The number of formations / Location Placement / Location Selection / Location Registration as follows:

I. Bachelor level (S1)

I.a. Placement Location: JAKARTA
Formation: 98 people
Study Program / Major: Meteorology, Information Technology, Instrumentation, Electronics, Geography, oceanography, Mathematics, Statistics, Architecture, Chemistry, General Practitioner, Law, Accounting, Communication, Library, Geology, Geodesy, Civil Engineering.
Location Selection: In 14 Location (see point E.6)

I.b. Placement Location: Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Medan, Padang, Kupang, Denpasar, Ambon, Manado, Makassar, Jayapura.
Formation: 62 people
Study Program: Geophysics
Location Selection: In 14 Location (see point E.6)

2. RANAI NATUNA, Tanjung Balai Karimun 6 BATAM

B. Provisions apply
1. Indonesian Citizen
2. Not married to high school
3. Age: - Maximum 30 years on April 1, 2006 to the Graduate
- Maximum 21 years on April 1, 2006 to the senior secondary level.
4. Was never sentenced to prison by the State court decision which has permanent legal force, evidenced by Certificate Police Notes.
5. Own Job Seeker Card (Yellow Card) issued by the Department of Labor.
6. Able-bodied, evidenced by Certificate Physical and Spiritual Health issued by a doctor.
7. Not domiciled as CPNS / PNS / Candidate Members of TNI / police and members of TNI / police.
8. Graduate Certificate has PTT Qualifications Applicants for the General Medical
9. Willing to be placed in the Work Unit BMG throughout Indonesia (signed Declaration of stamp duty on Rp.6000)
10. Minimum GPA 2.50 for S1.

a. Open enrollment began on January 21, 2006 until 4 February 2006 simultaneously in 63 locations registration (see point E.7).
b. Hand-written application letter and addressed to the Head of the Meteorological and Geophysical Agency Jl address. Angkasa I No. 2 Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.
c. Application files submitted by the participants at 63 Locations by filling out the Registration Form and receive a Tax Registration Participant Selection.
d. For those who have applied to the BMG, in order to repeat the application in accordance with the requirements of this announcement.
2. APPLICATION LETTER equipped with:
a. Recent passport photo / color, size 4 × 6 of 6 pieces (include name behind).
b. Photocopy of valid ID card.
c. Health Certificate from the Doctor (original) dated after January 16, 2006
d. Photocopy of diploma S1, the following transcript certified by the Dean / Head of the College of Higher Education which is accredited A or B.
e. Photocopy of the following high school diploma list UAN / STK that legalized Principal.
f. Not married Certificate stamped USD 6000.00 for the senior secondary level.
3. Letter of application and attachments neatly arranged and put together with clips in the order provisions of item 2 in the folder:
- Color Red, with credit for undergraduate education majors in applied on the top left corner of the map and letter of application.
- Color Blue for senior high school
and incorporated into the brown envelope folio size.

Selection was done in stages as follows:
1. Selection Administration (grains B and C) at the time of registration
2. Academic Selection held simultaneously on February 11, 2006 (at 08.00 pm, 09.00 PST, 10:00 CET), consisting of:
- Level Senior High School: - Scholastic Talent Test
- General Knowledge Test
- The level of S 1: - Scholastic Talent Test
- General Knowledge Test
3. Interview For S1 level which passed the test points 1 and 2.
The committee decision is final and can not be contested.

1. Name of participants who passed each stage of the exam will be announced through the BMG website and bulletin boards in locations where the selection.
2. The admission CPNS - BMG are free of charge
3. Participants who passed the CPNS required to submit a letter from the Drug Free Details doctor to the Committee at the time pemberkasan.
4. Participants who passed the CPNS must show the original diploma last education for review.
5. CPNS - BMG 2005/2006 will be placed in the unit - unit of BMG Working as in point A.

6. 14 (fourteen) site selection:
1. BMG Office Jl. Angkasa I No.2, Kemayoran, Jakarta 10720
Tel. (021) 4246321
2. Station Mataie B. Aceh Geophysics Geophysics Station Class III Banda Aceh
JL Mata Ie
Pos Prumnas Banda Aceh
Tel. (0651) 42840
3. Batam Meteorological Station Meteorological Station Class I Hang Nadim - Batam
Jl. Hang Nadim Hang Nadim Airport - Batam
Tel. (0778) 761415
4. Meteorological Station Meteorological Station Palembang Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Palembang
Jl. S.M. Badaruddin II KM. 10.5 Palembang
Tel. (0711) 430274; 430,015
5. Pontianak Meteorological Station Meteorological Station Class II Supadio Pontianak
Pontianak Supadio Airport
West Kalimantan
Tel. (0561) 721560; 721,142
6. Banjar Baru Station Climatology Climatology Station Class I Banjar Baru
Jl. Trikora By Pass Soekarno - Hatta

7. Kupang Geophysics Station Class I Geophysics Station Kampung Baru - Kupang
Jl. Cak Doko No. 70
Kupang - NTT
Tel. (0380) 821608; 826,006
8. Class II Meteorological Station Sepinggan Balikpapan Jl. Marsma R. Iswahyudi No.3
Tel. (0542) 762360
9. Geophysical Station Station Ternate Ternate Geophysical Class III
Jl. Ubo-Ubo
South Ternate
Tel. (0921) 23144
10. Station Geophysics Geophysics Station Palu Palu Klas III
Jl. Denggune
Post Office Box 48 Hammers
11. Kendari Meteorological Station Class IV Meteorological Station Maritime Kendari
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No. 158
Kendari 93,127
Tel. (0401) 328528 Fax. (0401) 328528
12. Meteorological Station Pattimura Ambon Komp. Pattimura Ambon Airport
Jl. Doctor Leimena
Tel / Fax. (0911) 311751
13. Station Geophysics Geophysics Station Sorong Sorong
Jl. D. Siwiki No. 1
Peak of paradise Sorong
Tel. (0951) 321785

14. Hall of Meteorology and Geophysics Center Region V of Jayapura Meteorological and Geophysical Agency Region V Jayapura
Jl Raya Abepura Entrop
1572 kp Jayapura 99,224
Tel. (0967) 535418; 534,439; 535,419

7. 63 (sixty three) Location Registration:
1. BMG Office Jl. Angkasa I No.2, Kemayoran, Jakarta 10720
Tel. (021) 4246321
2. Met Station. Cut Odor Sabang Meteorological Station Class III Cut Bau Sabang
Pel. Maimun Saleh Airport
Kota Sabang
Tel. (0652) 21525
3. Met Station. Meteorological Station Meulaboh Class III Cut Nyak Dien
Airport Cut Nyak Dhien Meulaboh
Jl Desa Kubang Gajah
Kec. Kuala, Kab. Nagan Raya
4. Station Station Climatology Climatology Indrapuri Indrapuri Class IV - Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam
Jl. Banda Aceh Medan Km. 27.5 Indrapuri Aceh Besar 23,363
5. Station Mataie B. Aceh Geophysics Geophysics Station Class III Banda Aceh
JL Mata Ie
Pos Prumnas Banda Aceh
Tel. (0651) 42840
6. Met Station. Aek GODANG Class IV Meteorological Station Aek GODANG
Aek Airport GODANG
7. Station Sitoli Geophysics Geophysics Station Mount Class III Gunung Sitoli
Jl Yos Sudarso 140 B
Kel. Sambo Gunung Sitoli

8. Met Station. Meteorological Station Ranai Ranai Natuna Natuna
Jl Adi Sucipto
Komplek AURI Ranai Natuna
Tel. (0773) 31016

9. Met Station. Tj. Balai Karimun Class IV Meteorological Station Tanjung Balai Karimun
Airport Meteorological Station Sei Beti - Tanjung Balai Karimun

10. Met Station. Gulf Bayur Class IV Meteorological Station Bay Maritime Bayur
Jl. 25,217 Padang No.31.A Cilacap
Tel. (0751) 62331
11. Met Station. Maritime Tj. Coral Station Class IV Maritime Meteorology Lampung
Jl. Java No. 12 Port of Long Bandar Lampung 35,241
Tel. (0721) 342219
12. Jambi Climatology Station Climatology Station Class IV Sei Duren Jambi
Jl. Raya Jambi, Muara Diamond Km. 18, Simpang River Duren - Jambi 36,363
13. Met Station. Meteorological Station Paloh Klas III Paloh
Jl Circle PLN
Meander Paloh Sambas 79,466

14. Met Station. Usman Rahadi Ketapang Meteorological Station Class III Rahadi Usman
Jl Pattimura No.11 KP.129
Ketapang 78,801
Tel. (0565) 21013
15. Met Station. Putu Sibau Pangsuma Putussibau Meteorological Station
Airport Pangsuma Putussibau
Tel. (0567) 21567
16. Met Station. Pontianak Maritime Meteorological Station Class IV Maritime Pontianak
Jl. Mr. Love Pontianak
Tel. (0561) 769906
17. Met Station. Banyan Muara Teweh Meteorological Station Class III Beringin Muara Teweh
Jl. Pendreh No. 187
Tel. (0519) 21,495; 22,270

18. Met Station. Buntok Class IV Meteorological Station Buntok
Jl. Merdeka, Sanggau Airport Buntok

19. Met Station. H. Asan Sampit Meteorological Station Class IV, H. Asan Sampit
Jl. Sumekto, H. Airport Asan Sampit

20. Met Station. Kalimarau Tj. Meteorological Station Redep Class III Tanjung Redep
Airport Kalimarau
Cape Redep Berau
21. Met Station. Meteorological Station of Long Bawang Yuvai Semaring Class III Long Bawan 77,456
22. Met Station. Tarakan Nunukan Class IV Meteorological Station Nunukan-Tarakan
Nunukan Airport
Jl. Arif Rahman Hakim East Nunukan
23. Station Geophysics Geophysics Station Balikpapan Balikpapan Class III
Jl. Marsma R. Iswahyudi 359
Balikpapan 76,115
Tel. (0542) 764053; 762,862
24. Met Station. Meteorological Station Kotabaru Stagen Class III Stagen Kotabaru
Airport Stagen Kotabaru 72,151

25. Met Station. Rote Baa Lekunik Meteorological Station Class III Lekunik Baa Rote
Baa Lekunik Airport Rote 85,371

26. Met Station. Meteorological Station Larantuka Class III Gewayantana Larantuka Flores - NTT
Jl. Soekarno - Hatta No.. 76

27. Met Station. Shikara Tacik Satar Meteorological Station Class III Satartacik Shikara
Jl Satar Tacik Shikara
Tel. (0385) 21264
28. Met Station. Alor Kalabahi Mali Meteorological Station Class III-Kalabahi Mali - Alor
Jl. Soekarno-Hatta Airport Mali - Alor 85,819

29. Met Station. Labuhan Bajo Komodo Class IV Meteorological Station Labuhan Bajo Komodo
Airport Labuan Bajo Komodo
Post Box
30. Station Geophysics Geophysics Station Waingapu Waingapu
Jl. Nusa Cendana I / 8
Waingapu East Sumbawa - NTT
Tel. (0387) 61225
31. Met Station. Sabu Tardamu Meteorological Station Class III Tardamu Sabu
Jl .. Terdamu No. 12 Seba
Tel. (0380) 861042
32. Met Station. Tahuna Naha Meteorological Station Class III Naha Tahuna
Tahuna Naha Airport
Kab. Sangir Talaud 95,856
33. Met Station. Toli-Toli Lalos Meteorological Station Class III Toli-Toli Lalos
Lalos Airport Toli-Toli 94,561
PO Box 25. Tel. (0453) 23053
34. Met Station. Poso Kasigincu Meteorological Station Class III Kasiguncu Poso
Poso Kasiguncu Jl.Bandara
Tel. (0452) 22835
35. Met Station. Pomala Kolaka Pomala Kolaka Meteorological Station
Tel. (0401) 328528
36. Met Station. Kendari Class IV Meteorological Station Maritime Kendari
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman No. 158 Kendari 93,127
Tel. (0401) 328528
Fax. (0401) 328528
37. Station Geophysics Geophysics Station Kendari Kendari Class III
Jl. Martadinata No. 93129th Kendari 154 Purirano
38. Met Station. Andi Jemma Masamba Meteorological Station Class III Andi Jemma Masamba
Jl. Aerospace Masamba
Kab. Luwu - North
South Sulawesi
Tel. (0473) 21392

39. Met Station. Meteorological Station Majene Klas III Majene
Jl. Letu M. Yamin No. 13
Post Office Box 91411
Tel. (0422) 21296

40. Met Station. Tanah Toraja Class IV Meteorological Station Pongtiku Tana Toraja
Tana Toraja Pongtiku Airport
Tel. (0423) 24973
41. Met Station. Meteorological Station Sanana Sanana
Jl. Fogi - Sanana
North Maluku
Tel. (0929) 21172
42. Met Station. Meteorological Station Galela Galela Class III
Jl. Babullah Airport
PO BOX.28 Ternate 97,728
Tel. (0921) 21,942; Fax. (0921) 21942
43. Geophysical Station Station Ternate Ternate Geophysical Class III
Jl. Ubo-Ubo
South Ternate
Tel. (0921) 23144
44. Met Station. Meteorological Station Amahai Amahai Class III
Pioneer Airport Amahai
Tel. (0914) 21398
45. Met Station. Slide the Meteorological Station Klas III Slide
Jl. Education Slide
Kab. East Seram
46. Met Station. Meteorological Station Oesman Labuha Sadik Labuha
Komp. BMG
Sadik Oesman Airport Labuha
South Halmahera Bacan 97,791
Tel. (0927) 21255
47. Met Station. Meteorological Station Banda Bandaneira Klas III Bandaneira
Komp. Airport Bandaneira
Kec. Banda, Kab. Central Maluku
Tel. (0910) 21002
48. Met Station. Meteorological Station Namlea Namlea Class III
Airport Namlea
Kec. Namlea, Kab. Buru
Tel. 085218567643

49. Station Geophysics Geophysics Station Saumlaki Klas III Saumlaki
Complex Geophysical
Jl. Expectations - Saumlaki
Tel. (0918) 21124

50. Station Geophysics Geophysics Station Tual Tual Class III
Jl. Karel Sadsuitubun Tual
Tel. (0916) 21395
51. Station Climatology Climatology Station Kairatu Ambon Ambon Kairatu
Jl. Hunitetu Kairatu
West Seram - Maluku 97,566
Tel. 086812117973
52. Met Station. Meteorological Station Manokwari Rendani Class III Rendani Manokwari - Papua
Jl. Rendani Trikora manokwari No. 2
Tel. (0986) 212435

53. Met Station. Meteorological station Kaimana Kaimana Class III
Jl. Utarom Kaimana
Tel. (0957) 21443

54. Met Station. Fak-Fak Torea Meteorological Station Class III Torea Fak-Fak
Jl. Adi Sucipto No. 1
Tel. (0956) 22661

55. Station Station Climatology Climatology RANSIKI RANSIKI
Jl. Sujarwo Condronegoro
Tel. (0980) 31167

56. Station Geophysics Geophysics Station Sorong Sorong
Jl. D. Siwiki No. 1
Paradise Peak Sorong
Tel. (0951) 321785

57. Met Station. Meteorological Station Tanah Merah Tanah Merah Class III
Komp. Tanah Merah Airport Kp. 99663
Tel. (0975) 31,155

58. Met Station. Meteorological Station Wamena Wamena Class III
Jl. Gatot Subroto no. 24 Wamena
Tel. 31123

59. Met Station. Meteorological Station Public Class III Public
Jl. Sisingamangaraja
Public Airport
Tel. (0984) 22559

60. Met Station. Meteorological Station Serui Klas III
Negoro Condro Sujarwo Serui
Jl. Gen. Sudirman
Tel. (0983) 33703
61. Met Station. Mostly Mararena Meteorological Station Class III Mararena Sarmi
Mararena Airport
Sarmi - Papua
Tel. (0966) 31146

62. Met Station. Meteorological Station Enarotali Klas III Enarotali
Airport Enarotali Paniai 98,865
63. Met Station. Dok II Jayapura Meteorological Station Class III Dok II Jayapura
Jl. Raya Abepura - Entrop
Tel. (0967) 536189

8. BMG Website:
No Central Committee tel: (021) 4243412 / 6544911 / 4241081
No. Local Committee tel: like point E.7
Office hours: 08.00 - 16.00 (including a Saturday-Sunday)

Jakarta, January 16, 2006
Meteorology and Geophysics Agency,



Based on the needs of employees for fiscal year 2007, LAPAN has opened opportunities Candidates receiving Civil Service (CPNS) for the various formations based on educational qualifications, positions and special competence, as well as placement locations. Saturday (17/11), held at Sports House (GOR) Gymnastics Jl. Raden Inten Buaran, Klender, East Jakarta, a written test CPNS LAPAN selection has been held. This written test followed by the remaining 500 participants from various departments of education.
Previously, LAPAN has done for the candidate selection CPNS administration which took place on November 7-9 at the Central Office LAPAN, East Jakarta. This process is performed to select the proposal which has been entered since the application of recruitment announcement, dated October 22-November 5, either through the website site, mail, or direct application.
As for qualifications and a written examinees passed the administration as follows: D3 Chemical Analysis (10), D3 Information Management (25), S1 Administration Officer (1), S1 Astronomy (4), S1 Geophysics (3), S1 Geophysics and Meteorology / Climatology (21), S1 Geography (3), S1 Physical Geography (5), S1 Engineering Geography (3), S1 Geology (6), S1 Ekonomi Manajemen (25), S1 Economic Accounting (3), S1 Physics Science and Mathematics ( 39), S1 Engineering Physics (7), S1 International Relations (12), S1 Mass Communication (28), S1 Law (18), S1 International Law (8), S1 Civil Law (19), S1 Criminal Law (13) , S1 Chemistry Mathematics (42), S1 Computer Systems (6), S1 Teknik Informatika (52), S1 Computer Engineering (1), S1 Math (54), S1 Teknik Elektro (30), S1 Weak Flow of Electrical Engineering (31) , S1 Geodesy (5), S1 Teknik Instruments (2), S1 Mechanical Engineering (44), and S1 Aeronautical Engineering / Computer Graphics (11).
Written examination held LAPAN this time a success. Previously, participants were briefed direct examination of the committee on discipline and assurance test scripts that test is still intact and original. In the written exam this time, participants gain the questions classified in three materials, ie General Knowledge, Indonesian, and substance / Academic.
Implementation activities directly supervised by the Activities Committee, the General Bureau LAPAN and involve direct testimony of the officers of State Personnel Agency (BKN) and superintendents LAPAN Inspectorate. Before the ceremony began, the test supervisor to get a direct briefing the General Bureau Chief, Dra. Komala Mukri Mardjohan. Present, participate witnessed ongoing activities, LAPAN Home Secretary, Dr. Bambang Koesoemanto, M. Sc.
Outcome selection written examination will be announced again through the site and bulletin board Headquarters LAPAN Jakarta. Furthermore, for participants who opted in, will be held to test the interview scheduled on November 26-28 LAPAN Headquarters. As for his plans psychotest scheduled on December 4. Thus selection process will still continue to take place until the announcement of the final stage for the candidates CPNS LAPAN fiscal year 2008.

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Padang Gelar Pemulihan Pasca Gempa

Padang - The government city of Padang, West Sumatra, start doing reconstruction activities of the soul or pascagempa recovery that shook the area on Wednesday (30 / 9) ago. Padang Mayor Fauzi Bahar said the recovery will be done with frequent.

"Now more than a month count is overwritten Padang disaster, it's time reconstruction activities ranging from building houses offices and recovery activities at residents of trauma and particularly children," said Fauzi Bahar, Monday (02/11).

According to Fauzi, pascagempa recovery needs to be done as soon as possible in order to Padang could rise again despite many residents' houses collapsed, so parents much grief over the death of his son, as well as other family members.

Sadness does not need a protracted, he said, because the disaster is a test from God to His servants to endure it. Not escape as well as for people who are not stricken by a mirror to enhance worship.

"For other people from different areas of land it becomes to expect ridho worship God, while helping to accelerate recovery efforts trauma victims," he said of all convey gratitude for the help accelerate recovery by distributing aid, especially coming from the community and Minangkabau Surabaya in Surabaya .

On that occasion, received assistance Pemko Padang Rp 1.64 billion came from all students in primary, junior and senior high school in Surabaya. Assistance for it also comes from the teachers and staff environmental education office of Surabaya.

Help from students Surabaya will be used to build the school.

While the Minang community in Surabaya also help USD 500 million and will be used to build a mosque were damaged. Surabaya City Government earlier also provide Rp500 million humanitarian aid delivered to the Command Post Padang earthquake a few days after the earthquake.

Post-earthquake-related trauma, Fauzi recovered quickly assess people and rose again marked by about 80 percent of economic activity in the city's residents had returned.

"The trade had begun to trade, that the sea had begun to catch fish, as well as with office activities except some modern shopping centers, like the Sun Depatermen Store, Plaza Andalas, Rocky Plaza Hotel and the other because there is no activity takes a long time to repair their buildings damaged, "he said.

Gempa Bumi Merambat ke NTT

Bandarlampung - An earthquake in the Indonesian archipelago spread to NTT Sunday (25/10) in the morning. An earthquake measuring 5.5 on the Richter Scale (SR) centered 174 kilometers southwest Waingapu, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), at 04.04 pm.
Reports Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) is observed from Bandarlampung, also mentioned the earthquake in the position of Latitude 10.1 South-118, 75 East Longitude.

The depth of the earthquake was at 23 kilometers and according BMKG no potential earthquake-tsunami.

The epicenter was also located at 181 kilometers southwest Raba, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), 218 kilometers southwest Labuhanbajo, NTT, 231 kilometers southeast Sumbawabesar, NTB, and 253 kilometers southwest Ruteng, NTT.

At 03.54 pm, an earthquake measuring 6.1 occurred at SR 10.16-118 south latitude, 75 east longitude, with a depth of 19 kilometers, and located the epicenter at 176 kilometers southwest Waingapu, NTT.

Meanwhile, the search results the National Disaster Management Agency, there are no casualties in the earthquake series this time. However, BNPB have noted the impact caused by the earthquake damage to buildings.

"There were no casualties (soul). Maluku and surroundings conducive," said Head of Data Center and Public Relations BNPB, Priyadi Kardono.

However, this time claiming BNPB BNPG team was on full alert. Also advised the public to remain calm and introspective. Because the intensity of the quake was recorded increases, although not all vibrations can be felt by the community. (ant / waa)

Lulusan tahun 2009, Melamar CPNS

Graduates in 2009, Enroll CPNS
After graduating from the academic was even more difficult than working on the thesis, including the requirements of the graduation itself. I have a choice of all choices that will direct my future, why I was hesitant to choose, but time will determine the choice itself because all the choices that inevitably I had to choose one of the options themselves. Do I have to be a life-line employees will be determined the company, or do I have to be an entrepreneur, who can determine the line of my own life would risk my own responsibility, but for now the capital was not there. Do I have to surrender to the situation and then come home and continue the efforts of parents at home were also included from several choices. Or apply to be candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS) but ak ngamarnya where in Yogyakarta or in Kendal which each option is a consequence of each. "Hope this story will be better, I lay here staring at the sky, show a strong star hopes soar into the existing restless, show yourself, make a selection" (Rocket Roker). An expectation of a young scholar.

Senin, 09 November 2009

Pusat pengumuman CPNS Indonesia

Pengumuman CPNS Pusat Indonesia (PPCI) an online presence for the people of Indonesia who need information and news about the actual job cpns and the announcement of the selection cpns Indonesia.

This presence may provide benefits to the people who had been luasa lack of information. Center website Pengumuman CPNS Indonesia (PPCI) is not belonging to one department, agency or foundation owned by the Indonesian government. This online website is the result of cooperation from various parties. As for all the funding and maintenance of this website is purely derived from the promotion and advertising costs that we include PCP on this website page.

All information on this website open to the public, free welcome for visitors to copy or pastekan some kesuluruhan contents of this website without having to ask permission again to the admin PPCI. We just hope when visitors appreciate the provision of information and news about our cpns do this to make a link to this website.


PPCI Admin

Penerimaan PNS Dinilai Curang,Warga Datangi Kantor Bupati

MADIUN - MI: Dozens of residents joined the Poor People's Natural States Indonesia (SRMI) came to Regent Office Madiun, East Java, Monday (9 / 11).

They demonstrate that there was cheating in assessing civil service revenues (PNS) in 2009 in the district.

SRMI Chairman of East Java (East Java) Joko Tri Kuncoro said indications of fraud in revenue in 2009 civil servants in Madiun District visible from the reception system SRMI Based on the data, there are at least 41 reports of alleged fraud occurred PNS revenue this year.

"We demand that the regents to eradicate mafia-mafia prospective civil servants (CPNS) who allegedly haunts. Mafia-Mafia CPNS be eradicated, because they've started to visit the victim to sell their property," said Tri.

He said today the agency has been pocketing the evidence in the process of recruiting violations in Madiun District civil servants who are still using the money to get candidates.

"We fear only those closest to local leaders and rich people who could be a civil servant in Madiun District neighborhood. We think the practice is widespread brokering occur if civil servants receiving season," he said after berorasi.

Not only that, SRMI also found that the person trying to seduce prospective civil servants who want to be accepted in order of selection are willing to pay up to hundreds of million rupiah. Elements are the initials MG.

Some recognition of the reporter, go Tri, MG admitted representatives from leading universities in this country as well as third parties who towed the Government District (regency) in Madison provide the questions and answers proofreaders team.

"We already have strong evidence of the violation of our acceptance of CPNS and ask the government to mengusutnya. Including person with the initials MG which is also claimed by the Secretary of Madiun District," he explained.

In their action also spread leaflets to road users to always be wary CPNS mafia. In the leaflet also mentions an indication of fraud. Proved so far that IT organizations coupled Pemkab Madiun that does not exist.

Allegations of fraud related to the acceptance of Regency government civil servants visible Reskrim Madison Madison Police Commissioner Zaini admitted Ajun not received any reports of issues related to bribery SRMI thrown.

Berkas CPNS Mulai Diseleksi

Announced Tomorrow
MANADO-Up to the last day candidates file income Civil Servants (CPNS) at the Office of the Regional Employment Board and Training (BKDD), recorded a cover letter 4487. These files were selected committee began receiving CPNS 2009. Technical personnel continue to dominate. A total of 3265 files in, then as many as 827 teachers and 395 health personnel file. "The latest data, so much that we received. Upon receipt of all, the committee began selecting," said Secretary of Admission Committee CPNS Joppy Suwuh Drs.
File selection results, will soon be announced. Appropriate stage, the announcement held 10 November 2009. "If you take its stages, was to be announced Tuesday," he said. But the head of this Manado BKDD been reluctant to disclose how many files that pass the selection. "Later on when it all, just reported," he said as he warned, the applicants who pass the file selection is pure, no assistance from others such as brokers.

DPRD-SU Buka Posko Pengaduan Kecurangan CPNS

MedanBisnis - Medan
Candidate recruitment process of civil servants (CPNS) in 2009 has begun with the opening of registration from 30 October. In the execution of any suspected fraud prone. For that, the DPRD North Sumatra opened post which dealt with complaints Commission A.
According to Chairman of Commission A, M Noah, his party is ready to accept any information related indications or fraud in the entire process of acceptance CPNS stage.
"If there are people who feel disadvantaged because of fraud or brokering, please report it, we will process them in accordance with the procedures and rules. Please come directly to the Commission A, "he said, Sunday (8 / 11).
However, he said, the institute is expecting an active role in society report is an indication of fraud. You see, Commission A consists only 17 people, and must work alone to supervise the recruitment process CPNS by district in North Sumatra, including in Pempropsu.
"We're not going to do the impossible we do. Because of our ability and energy are also limited. If you must monitor CPNS directly related to the implementation of this, it's impossible. Therefore, the role of all parties is needed. Because it's cheating its closed and invisible, so it's hard to be monitored, "he explained.
Nevertheless, politicians call this MCC, it will come down to a number of areas in collaboration with Pempropsu and stakeholders.
"Tomorrow (Monday), we'll go directly Sergai to review preparations CPNS acceptance in the area. It is expected that each district can perform acceptance CPNS with the best systems and transparent, "he said.
If later found the fraud, said M Noah, the Commission will ask for a State Civil Service Agency to delay the publication number of the parent employees (NIK) of CPNS is, until there is a clear result of the investigation.

Lowongan kerja CPNS di Kompas


We are enunciating a true challenge for young and exceptional professionals to join us with the team as:
Advertising Account Executive [AE-Sby] - Surabaya Based

Responsible in achieving the advertisement sales target, set up and execute the marketing plan whilst carrying out the sales presentation, he or she should also be able to maintain good relationships with the advertisers.

v Confident and highly self-motivated
v Proficient in English
v Excellent presentation skill
v Own type-A driving license
v Not more than 26 years old
v Hold a Bachelor Degree from a distinguished university, preferably majoring in Marketing or Advertising, with min.3.00 GPA
v Interested and preferably possessed previous experience in Sales and Marketing, mainly in advertising or media industry in minimum 1 year (fresh graduates with passion in marketing are welcome to apply)

Should you believe that you fill all the fore-mentioned qualifications, do not hesitate to send us your complete application (not more than 300kb) with enclosed details, not later than 7 days after this publication to:

or by mail to:

HR Department
PT KOMPAS Media Nusantara
PO BOX 4612 Jakarta 12046

[Only short-listed candidates will be notified]
Please note ‘AE-SBY’ at the upper left corner of the envelope or as the subject of your e-mail.

The selection process will be held at Surabaya

Gunung Sumbing Jawa Tengah

Sumbing, Central Java
Sumbing in Central Java province is precisely in Wonosobo and Magelang regency. High-mountain cleft has FBC 3371 M (Meters Of Height Sea). On this occasion I would like to share experiences with friends about Sumbing information that I got from interviews with residents about a mountain cleft, especially in the rural route Garung Wonosobo regency, Central Java, Indonesia. From Basecamp to the top of the mountain cleft can be taken for 9 to 10 hours (beginners) and on the way there are 2 headings are Heading I (Kedung) and Post II (Gatakan).
1. Sumbing History
Cleft name was taken because of the mountain is shaped like a cleft lip cleft person (not flat). Menpunyai cleft mountain climbing lane 4, namely:
• Garung (Wonosobo)
• Kali Angkring (Magelang)
• Cepit (Magelang)
• Mudal (Kali Elephant)
Myth of all inhabitants of the mountain slopes either cleft the visible and the Islamic religion does not seem possible because many have found the tomb of Islam's name around the mountain cleft, one of the Kyai Makutuan at the top of a mountain cleft, dining set that is orderly No.15 climbers have to say greeting and a sign that greeted us to answer the smoke coming out of the crater that had been slightly more numerous and every night of Ramadan population of about 21 mountain cleft perform the ritual at the top of the mountain cleft in which the ritual is called blackjack.
2. Tourism Object
Cleft mountains around there are no attractions that can attract tourists, there can only be of interest to the Lovers of Nature and the people who have a spirit of adventure, especially hiking, but is actually part of the Government (Local Government) is to open a resort there and the the population itself had been approved but which must be built and well cared for and also the surrounding nature preserve. However, until now there has been no more action from the Government.

3. Regulation and Pantangan for climbers of Mount
a. Climber Standing Orders Sumbing
• Each climber must report
• Paying fees
• Review the equipment
• Maintain the natural preservation
• Bring back your trash
• Turn off the fire again you make
• Do not walk in the fields of farmers
• No damage and took the plant
• No wearing or carrying alcoholic beverages (up to summit Mount Basecamp)
• No put the bag outside the tent
• No leaving the bag diperjalanan
• No set up tents in the fields of farmers
• Chairman of the management team responsible
• In the event of an accident immediately report to the tin SAR STICKPALA
• Pray before you go and say hello at the top
• Must hold a code of ethics Indonesia Nature Lovers
• What else could be asked

b. Taboos-taboos in Sumbing
• Banned lying and arrogant
• No complaining street
• No date and bawdy
• No bowel movement or small disembarang place

Gunung Sindoro, Jawa tengah

Mount Sindoro, Central Java
Mount Sindoro in Central Java province is precisely in Wonosobo and Magelang regency. Mountain High has Sindoro FBC 3153 M (Meters Of Height Sea). On this occasion I would like to share your experience with your friends all about the Mount Sindoro information I got from interviews with residents around Mount Sindoro especially in rural route Kledung Magelang regency, Central Java, Indonesia. From base camp to the top of the mountain can be taken during Sindoro 9 to 10 hours (beginners) and on the way there are 3 posts Heading I (a small mountain - 1600 m asl), Post II (2120 m above sea level), and Postal III (Pistoroto-2530 m asl). Before you reach the top of the mountain climbers will be spoiled by the beauty of flowers edelwaiss, edelwaiss flowers usually bloom in August-November.
1. Not many people know about the history of Sindoro mountain, the mountain Sindoro no special rituals are performed by a previous resident called Peace Summit at Mount Sindoro although there is the tomb of Kyai Santri Sindoro but in the mountain every year on 1 (one) Suro (Name in Java) , must have crowded visited by climbers who want to climb Mount Sindoro. In the mountains there Sindoro 4 (four) route, namely:
• Kledung (Parakan)
• Segedang (Wonosobo)
• Nyelumprit (Magelang)
• Bansar
Apart from 1 Suro, on 17 August (Independence Day of Indonesia) and the new year, the mountain is always crowded at sindaro visited by climbers from the son of immigrants from the region or even outside the city of mancanega climbers as well. On this route has Kledung SAR team named Grasindo PALA.

2. Tourism Object
Around Mount Sindoro no sights to attract tourists but the scenery is very beautiful there, so Mount Sindoro is often visited by climbers to climb.

3. Regulation and Pantangan for Sindoro Mountain Climber
• Each climber must report
• Review the equipment and completeness
• No put the bag outside the tent while sleeping
• No leaving the bag along the way
• Maintain environmental sustainability
• No damage to crops along the way
• No picking flowers edelwaiss
• Maintain cleanliness of the mountain
• Maintain good manners
• Beware of your new friends know
• Do not walk alone
• Do not be nasty
• Implement a code of ethics Indonesian Nature Lovers
• The things that can be asked is not clear in the post climbing

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about me

haloo friends .......
I tombro setiawan, I was born in the town of kendal dated 12 September 1985. I was in kindergarten kindergarten tutfatul atfal gempolsewu, graduating in 1992. Primary schools in SD 03 Gempolsewu, graduating in 1998. SMP in Mts Sukorejo DA, Kendal. graduated in 2001. High on Mama Denanyar MAN, Jombang, East Java. graduated in 2004, now I'm studying in STIPAR AMPTA Yogyakarta, force 2004. I attended one of STIPAR AMPTA SMEs engaged in the environment. namely Kapala "AMPTA"